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SSC S/S 23

Introducing an Ode to Colour. Because we breathe colour just like you do. Odysseys from earthy, commercial tones to bold, extravagant statements! ​

Colour is how we communicate, how we connect our community together. Colours reflect our attitudes and behaviours, that is exactly how we want to build an emotional connection with all true colour lovers. ​

We believe in the power of colour. How you make a statement with your colour choice. How you dare to express yourself. ​

Colour has no specific language, it is communication across countries, cultures, generations, genders. ​

We play with colours in harmony or colours in contrast. ​

Do you dare to join us? ​

Dazzling Expression

Marrying history and modernity, this look combines a bold contemporary hairstyle and an old fashion trend, jeans. Just like the chic Hollywood cowboy, the 50s working-class woman, the biker riding his Harley. Dazzling expression is all at one, embodying both masculine inspiration and strong feminine taste. The hair colour highlights these plurality and duality by the powerful yellow & green contrast.

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Graceful Brown

An ode to chocolate shade and short hair. The strands casually fall back make the hair look authentic.  Sophistication appears on second thought, when your eyes slide on the delicate reflections of the crop and notice the pleat of the dress. The combination of brown shades and green colour brings the calm of nature. The Graceful brown cleverly connects casual and elegance mixing the codes of the beach fashion and of the kimono style.

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Joyful Refinement

The Joyful refinement shows that colour is a universal language crossing the generations. It mixes the symbols of optimism and fantasy both in fashion and hair. Ceremony and power rise from the long black dress and the grey shades. Yet, the natural grey is sublimed with fine lavender shades. Green means hope, luck and creativity. The future-blue colour sunglasses offer a sense of escapism. It demonstrates more than ever how easily the generations merge in the fashion world. Probably the best icon of the "Grey Pride".

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Ruby Perfection

The Ruby perfection's orange-pink combination pleasantly brings us back to the 2000s and its Juicy Couture. At the time, it was the trendiest color cocktail. The roundness of the haircut faces the straight cut of the suit jacket. All the items warmly mix to make this icon shine. Sharing the mood with colours, the Ruby Perfection celebrates emotional plurality. That is what Ode to Colour is all about.

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Daring Lines

The Daring lines inspires peace and serenity with a subtle look. The short cut of the first side clashes the long cut of the other side. The long and shiny aspect of the hair reminds a usual hairstyle while the short cut makes it maverick.  In the same spirit, the matte tones express balance while the white colour and the straight cut of the trouser soothe the mind. The green shades of the hair enhance the natural elegance of the look, and the tube top fosters a relaxing effect blending with the skin.

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