Our Philosophy

Our Street Style Collection is inspired by the real-life amazing styles and fashions to be found on the streets all over the world. These are then reinterpreted by our creative crew of hair and fashion stylists into ready-to-wear looks that you can easily reproduce for your clients. At the same time, we’ll also keep you up to date with the latest colour, cut and technique trends so your salon will be the go-to destination on any street.


Our Creative Crew

Our crew of hair experts get their real-life inspiration from the streets of the world, which they then use to create the latest must-have looks



Blockbuster Techniques

This season's top colour technique is complemented with seasonal cutting techniques & styling tips



Commercial Services

Seasonal service opportunities based on highly commercial and edgy looks which are easily adaptable and recreatable in a daily stylist offer


Why choose SSC for your salon? ​

Our Street Style Collection has been especially created to inspire you and your clients. The trends come straight from the street and are then transformed by our crew into cuts and styles that are easy for you to reproduce and provide stunning results to your clients. Each season we bring you the most up-to-date looks, techniques and styles that you can pass on to your clients.

They’ll keep coming back more frequently because you’ll be the first salon in your area to know the latest hair fashion trends. Make your salon stand out from the rest by using striking cut and colouring techniques and further develop your skills as the stylist that everyone wants on speed dial.