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To say goodbye to scalp discomfort and staining!​

  • Acts as reliable barrier to reduce irritation, discomfort especially for clients prone to sensitive or itchy scalps ​

  • Prevents from staining 

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  • Can be intermixed with PCC, Blonde Expert Highlifts and Lightener​

  • Apply directly on skin as barrier or mixed in the colour mixture​

  • ALGAE OIL - A rich bio-oil for healthier hair and scalp, helping to protect and to strengthen the hair fiber and to provide shine, while it hydrates the scalp​
  • BISABOLOL - Active ingredient – used for medicinal purposes for centuries – with various functions, such as protecting and healing the skin from the effects of daily stress​
  • ALOE VERA LEAF JUICE - Well known for acting as an anti-inflammatory and reducing itchiness

  • Vegan formula (without animal-derived ingredients)​

  • 50% recycled bottle body


  • PCC
  • BLONDE EXPERT Highlifts
  • CC2
  • BLONDE EXPERT Lightener