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  • High-performing, creative mixtone colour to achieve tailormade permanent or demi-permanent colour results ​
  • Assortment of 5 mix tones providing vibrant results and 1 clear tone​

  • With shine enhancing apricot kernel oil ​

  • Oxidative formulas without ammonia ​

  • Up to 70% white hair coverage ​

  • All shades are intermixable

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MIX shades (0.11, 0.22, 0.44, 0.66, 0.99)​

  • Intensify tonal directions of PCC, create new, tailormade results or fight unwanted warm undertones ​

  • Deliver lively or cool colour results when used with COLOR TRANSFORMER​

CLEAR shade (0.00)​

  • Increase the lightening results of PCC shades up to 1 level ​

  • Provide a natural sun kissed effect when mixed with COLOR TRANSFORMER
  • Can be used as a tone softener​

  • Vegan formulas (formula without animal-derived ingredients)​
  • Cruelty-free (no animal testing as per EU regulation)​

  • Responsibly sourced ingredients. Our formulas are based on palm (kernel) oil, an ingredient where we are committed to reach 100% transparency and traceability until 2025! We aim to contribute to sustainable forest management.


  • PCC
  • BLONDE EXPERT Lightener
  • Color Shampoo