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October 2020


Check out this super simple and fast service to boost your client’s colour and confidence. After colouring, complete the look with a knock-out step-by-step style from the amazing, sustainable ACT NOW! Care and Styling range and our NEW INDOLA ACT NOW! Collaborator, Yuki Bertschmann! Quick and effective, dual application is the way forward when it comes to saving time in the salon… Time-saving services are more important than ever right now. A great way to get your client’s hair back in shape after a few months away from the salon is to use dual application. First, tackle the roots with a Permanent Caring Color of your choice. Then, refresh the ends with Color Transformer, by turning your permanent colour into a demi-permanent formula! ACT NOW! and finish your unique look with an effortless style. Finish your colour service the right way with ACT NOW! We asked our ACT NOW! Collaborator Yuki Bertschmann, to create a fuss-free hair look with our new ACT NOW! styling range – which, by the way, is completely free-from and vegan! This style screams casual glam and the ACT NOW! range is perfect for creating simple, wearable styles. Not only does ACT NOW! deliver a lightweight finish, but it also has a beautiful fragrance. As a hairdresser for almost 8 years, and a solo stylist since 2019, Yuki is super excited about the new ACT NOW! range: “I can totally identify with ACT NOW! ¬– “and I observe how consumers start to ask for this It’s the future of hair beauty. Less is more.” ACT NOW! and join our vibe for perfectly imperfect hair while reducing your impact on the environment! Find out everything you need to know about ACT NOW!

Yukis' Expert Tip

„I personally love the ACT NOW! Moisture Shampoo because it foams super well and leaves your hair with a lovely fragrance “ Yuki- Hair Artist from Basel