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November 2020

Nov 20

This monthly edition of Newsflash we celebrate the launch of our collaboration with FRAMAR and our new Colour Style Mousse! Find below our full tutorial for our #smartbalayage and our Colour Style Mousse easy toning and styling. Let´s keep it smart When it comes to balayage sometimes less is more! A few strategically placed pieces can make a big difference in brightening up the hair and making a beautiful #sunkissed effect. Hand painting always takes practice, but it creates stunning results as you get to decided visually where to place the highlights on the hair, luckily it has never been easier as now with our Power Painter! This is our first and very own collaboration with FRAMAR, where we have come to the perfect tool for #smartbalayage placement in the trendiest color! Toning and styling all in one! To finish off this #smartbalayage we have used our new Color Style Mousse. This product can be simply applied straight from the bottle onto damp hair and no extra steps are required! One application is complete, you can blow-dry the hair into place with the product on, it will give the hair hold and malleability to produce a beautiful styling as well as providing color. Color Style Mousse lasts up to 4 washes, so it is a great way to introduce your clients to a new shade without compromise or simply have fun with your look, alternatively, the darker shades make up for a fabulous pre-pigmentation. For this technique simply hand paint the pieces utilizing Blonde Expert (formula) and Color Style Mousse in the shade… and of course, our Power Painter brush to apply, you can check the full Step by step in our YouTube video.

Milis' Expert Tip

„Our new Color Style Mousse comes in 15 shades! If you are looking for a temporary pastel shades, we have them! Simply make sure you have a light blonde base for them to show off“ Mili Rodriguez- Education Expert“