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June 2020

TONING TEC: Creative Mixing and Application

Whilst your client might not understand the magic that happens in the chair, we’re here to help you – a generation INDOLA expert – make their dreams come true. Many clients think bleach does all the hard work, but it’s the toner that’s your real secret weapon as you battle against uneven colour and brassy tones! When it comes to toning, there are three golden rules. Play by these and every client will love the results… Dual application wins! Using a toner on the hair helps clear any demarcation lines and ensures that the contrast between foiled and non-foiled hair is more balanced for a beautifully even result. For an extra level of dimension, go for a combination of different tones in your dual application. See the light with a pre-toner! The trick is to create a clean, even base that’s the perfect prep for pastel mixes. It only takes minutes (depending on the hair porosity) but the effect maximizes the lift and ensures the shades last longer. Understand your colours! The INDOLA range of blonde offers irresistible choice, so get to know our colour charts inside out! Understand how the shades interact and practice your formulas so you can give every client the blonde they long for. Don’t forget that our integrated Hair-Bond Technology minimizes breakage, so your clients will love the extra boost of condition and shine. Why not try the beautiful range of Blonde Expert Pastels for a personalized twist on classic highlights. Our creative blonde with subtle rose nuances below is a stunning example by Award-winning hairdresser and #indolaselected creative squad member, Lynndy Rolfe (@hairbylynndy). For hints on the technique, check out the step-by-step below.

Lynndys' Expert Tip
”There is one golden rule when it comes to toning. Always tone for the base level you see not for the base level you want to achieve. Remember toners don´t lift the hair!”