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July 2020

CUTTING 101: Casual Smooth

It’s been over 100 years since the sharp, sleek bob cut scandalised the world, but the style soon won women over with its simplicity and versatility to gain classic status. Just as striking as their 1960s predecessors, Gen Z-er bob cuts offer versatility, fullness and movement. Since finding fame, English singer and face of YSL Beauty, Dua Lipa, has sported a bob but by changing its length, parting and colour, she’s made sure that her look always stays fresh. Her recent combination of a sleek bob and blunt fringe caused a sensation during Paris Fashion Week, proving that this demanding cut still has the power to attract media attention and copycat cuts alike! It’s clear that this old favourite is here to stay so although your clients won’t get their bobs cut every day (as the ex-editor-in-chief of American Vogue, Anna Wintour, was rumoured to do), it pays to polish your cutting technique! Precision cutting skills are key when you want to keep your clients coming back for more! We’ve joined forces with #indolaselected creative squad member, Lynndy Rolfe (@hairbylynndy), to help you achieve one length haircuts and bobs that are eye-catchingly straight without the need for reworking once the hair is dry. Straight talking Sometimes it can be hard to maintain a laser-straight line on one length haircuts and bobs whilst giving your client’s conversation your undivided attention. So, here are our top tips to mastering this art and to achieving the perfect bob first time, every time. Comb carefully! Comb hair down as close to its natural fall as possible. You want to avoid the risk of graduation which comes with elevation, so keep your fingers straight when cutting, or, if you can, use a comb for your guideline as this reduces tension and the hair won’t dry shorter than the section beneath it. Look lower! Unless you have a very tall client, or one who is willing to stand for an entire cut, you’ll be cutting below your eye line. Lynndy has a word of caution, “Be wary when cutting below your eye line. Flipping the hair causes graduation so avoid, avoid, avoid!” Don’t follow the guideline! One mistake that’s easy to make is attempting to cut the next section right on the guideline. Always cut the next section at the bottom edge instead. This will avoid any graduation, so you’ll see a better result after blow-drying. Don’t forget to direct all hair towards the back to increase weight towards the front. These techniques sound simple, but they’ll give you fantastic results after blow-drying and straightening. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Lynndy's Expert Tip
“Body positioning can make or break a precision cut, make sure you are mindful of where you stand in relation to your client”