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February 2021

Get the lowdown on our NEW Spring looks with our mini masterclass Ed(you)cation on IGTV!

This month, we’re deep-diving into the #layering technique with our Global Ambassador, Paddy McDougall! As featured in the Street Style Collection, the #layering technique is a versatile way to create a unique colour story for every client, and Paddy has certainly done this with the three looks he has created. Each video explores a look in detail, showing different ways to adapt the technique and/or colour palette to suit your client’s individuality. For the High Contrast Bob, the technique takes ultra-contrasting shades and stacks them together for a full-on statement fringe. When it comes to the Effortless Blonde, the technique is much softer, creating a beautiful combination that blends sand and neutral tones on a lighter base, for a touch of sun-kissed illumination. Finally, for Ash Brown, Paddy uses stronger sectioning and shades that differ in-depth, in order to create a more extreme contrast. Check out all of the masterclasses from our Ambassadors on our IGTV – you can find them under the Ed(you)cation section, or alternatively, simply click

Paddy McDougall INDOLA Global Amabassador