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August 2020

CUTTING 101: Accent Layers & Modern Textures

How many of your clients would love more versatility, volume, and texture? Add in the complexity of fine hair or longer length and achieving this can be a daunting task. But luckily, we’re here to help generation INDOLA stylists gain confidence in mastering modern cutting techniques. Making fine fantastic Fine hair presents many challenges, but the hope is not lost! We’re delighted to share a cutting technique that maximizes density on the perimeter and reduces the risk of thinner-looking sides. Now you can surprise your fine-haired clients by offering them the layers and texture that they’ve been longing for. The key to success is the use of two different elevations… Go low at the back Start by focussing on the denser hair at the back of the head. Comb your first one-inch section from the high crown to the nape and use a low elevation (90 degrees horizontal) before positioning your fingers in a slight diagonal. This keeps the top of the hair relatively short whilst taking the heaviness out of the perimeter. Work your way around in one-inch widths, overdirecting back to previous sections as you go and using a traveling guide. Be sure to stop where the hair changes direction above the ear! Go high at the sides Hair is less dense where it frames the face. Preserve fullness within this section, where the hairline changes direction, by switching to a 90 degrees vertical angle. You may feel uneasy the first time you try it, but the results are worth it! Comb out including a guide from the previous section. Use a much stronger diagonal finger angle to guide your cut and let the hair from the previous section drop out. Continue in sections, overdirecting back as you work your way towards the face. Luxurious long-layering Long hair is definitely a look for all ages. This year’s Superbowl halftime show was dominated by two global icons whose lengthy layers brought volume and movement to the stage. So, what’s the secret behind the layered look worn by J.Lo and Shakira? Layering offers clients the chance to maintain length and versatility whilst removing heaviness and weight. Blonde specialist and #indolaselected creative squad member, Denis Shefel (@shefeldenis), loves to combine a flattering long fringe with long layers, starting at the chin line. He styles the hair using a round brush and finishes with a two-inch curling iron to give pin curls which he gently teases out using his fingers. Clients love the movement this sophisticated shape brings. Even those who are unwilling or unable to spend much time on their hair are able to recreate the look at home and enjoy body and texture in between salon visits!

Denis' Expert Tip
“Using a demi permanent colour to tone the hair after a freehand balayage application is my go-to technique. It ensures the hair will stay vibrant and shiny until the next appointment”