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Uniting Solo Stylists

You are not alone!

Currently, a lot around us is changing. In how we behave, how we feel, and how we connect to each other. However, there is one thing that has not changed and that is our common passion for hair and for the hairdressing industry. Together we must be able to quickly adapt ourselves to the constantly changing new reality. That is what will clearly mark our joint success.


We know how much strength, resilience and courage it takes to be a Solo Stylist. And in these uncertain times, we know how resourceful we now all need to be to carry on. We focus on YOU, the independent hairdresser, so we want to give YOU a place to network & grow – a place where you can share the challenges you face, your hopes, your fears and your ideas for the future. Our community is for every single one of YOU. And we’ll continue sharing too, providing free training, professional advice and hints and tips to help YOU weather this storm and come out stronger – ready to rebuild!

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