Brand Value


At Indola, we are proud to be a professional hair brand inspired by real life and real people.

We focus on all the relevant things you need as a hairdresser, nothing more:  Delivering the highest standards, making the complex simple at an affordable price.


Our tailored modular approach provides you with adaptive learning opportunities based on your different needs. By using a combination of physical and digital education we can support you and enable you to continuously grow your skills, expertise and capability without limitations. Here you'll find: Inspirational seminars on colour, cut & style, Product knowledge, All about Blondes, Consultation & Service opportunities, Freehand Painting, Education Newsflash and much more. All the content will reflect your everyday needs because our ed(you)cators have put a great deal of effort into designing the perfect education just for you.

High­ly Per­for­ming – Con­cise port­fo­lio

Our smart assortment delivers a compact, yet complete portfolio powered by breakthrough technology, professional quality and value for money. Here you'll find some of the greatest colouration results on the market - for high-quality and reliable permanent, demi-permanent and semi-permanent coloration services that offer limitless creative opportunities. This essential and problem-solving care & styling range will meet your every service need. High-performing, sustainable & vegan offer​s also cater to environmentally-conscious clients.

Street Style Looks

A ready-made inspiration package for everyday creative ideas that are relevant to your clientele, this includes: Latest trends from the creative crew providing 24/7 inspiration, seasonal blockbuster techniques with stunning cut & colour techniques & easy to implement commercial services in salons. This quarterly collection influenced by the streets of the world keeps you up to date with authentic, wearable, and trendy looks and how to recreate them.

Busi­ness Sup­port

Tailor-made offline and online implementation packages for each sales cycle – from seasonal promotion and loyalty campaigns to design-winning merchandising displays and instagrammable salon tools. These will support you and drive traffic to your salon, grow your business and maximise the value of each salon touchpoint.