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The Short Honey Splash

A must-have hairstyle for this summer! This tailored asymmetric short haircut gives a glimpse of vanilla and warmer honey tones; the mix of polished and lightweight texture adds volume to the haircut. For fashion, a slightly flared floral top combined with an asymmetric denim skirt makes an effortlessly cool summer outfit.

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How To

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The Cut

The Colour

The Styling

The Products


to use

  • Blonde Expert Highlift
  • Blonde Expert Pastel
  • PCC Natural & Essentials
  • Blond Expert Insta Cool Shampoo
  • Blond Expert Insta Cool Treatment? ?
  • Blond Expert Insta Strong Spray Conditioner?

Styling Recommendation​

Thermal Protector

ACT NOW! Shine Wax

Care Recommendation​

Indola Care


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