SSC A/W 22

Let´s continue our Nomad Cultures journey with the Winter drop of our A/W 22 Street Style Collection. As winter arrives it brings with it nostalgic memories of travel. Where countries and cultures inspire one another, celebrating local traditions in a very modern and cosmopolitan way, influencing our collection of hair colours and hairstyles.

The Artisan Craft

This multi-dimensional classy blonde look comes to life with different hues of pastel blondes. Discover the subtle styling variations of the Artisan Craft created through a mix of texture, microbraid details and a rough fishtail. The warm and cozy checked skirt together with chic boots add spice to the look.

The Artisan Craft Look 2
The Artisan Craft Look 1

The Rusty Texture

A genderless overgrown crop that is cut in two tiers and styled with natural disruptive waves. The creative placement and application of different rusty colours supports the texture of this feathered copper look.

The Rusty Texture Look 2
The Rusty Texture Look 1

The Disruptive Red

Discover how the balayage effect of this red medium-long freehand cut makes this haircut a perfect look for Autumn. The flat top of the head and the texture around it creates a disruptive nomad look.

The Feathered Pixie

This youthful, energetic, very short crop makes this haircut a perfect match for a nomad lifestyle. The cropped fringe and the strong broken edges add playful details to the look.

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