SSC Summer looks 2020

It’s summertime and our Creative Crew has been taking the temperature on the street and using some blue-sky thinking to come up with our Kooky Crafts and Cut That Out looks. A Colourmelting technique is used on the hair in both looks to give oh so natural blondes that melt seamlessly into one for Kooky Crafts and a dazzling statement that reverses the expected by flowing light into dark for Cut That Out. The fashion for Kooky Crafts combines pleats with hand finished crafts like shell buttons. And for Cut That Out form fitting clothes have pieces cut out to show off your best accessory – your skin.


Colourmelting Featured In

Kooky Crafts

The Colourmelting technique used in this look differs from balayage and ombré because the colour cascades flawlessly down the hair shaft from roots to ends, creating the perfect range of colour without any signs of demarcation. And this helps you to achieve a perfect balance of light, bright and natural blonde reflections for summer. The clothes are a bit more tactile with the addition of handcrafted accessories, which provide an honest touch when added to a garment. Pleats have resurfaced and reinforce an artisanal vibe when combined with rope belts, kooky metal hardware and shell buttons.

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Colourmelting Featured In

Cut That Out

Melting colours together either in harmony or in complete contrast is impactful in itself, but this look takes it to a whole new level as we stray from conventional and go from light on roots to dark on ends with a seamless transition. The addition of electric warm coppers colours are also a bold and intentional way of creating vibrancy and movement. The clothes are form fitting with pieces cut out so you can show off your best accessory – your skin. And for a look that screams 90’s opt for white, greys, black and sandstones. You’ll get a minimalist end result, which has a maximal effect.

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