Banish Greys


Turn back time  with complete grey coverage in fashionable colour! Now you don’t have to compromise on colour for 100% white coverage. And all this can be achieved in ONE SIMPLE SMART step. So strobe away those greys with the new PCC Ageless strobing services. They’re easy to use without compromising on results and come in 8 new youthful shades for a stunning more natural look: 100% grey coverage,100% fashion powered & 100% wearable.

Strobing – The highlights

Strobing is a bit of a game-changer. It adds ‘shimmer’ to hair, just as you would highlight and contour the face with make-up.


Step 1:

Section the hair from ear to ear by using the natural parting from the front to the nape of the neck.


Step 2:

Apply the darkest shade throughout the roots. Processing time: 10 mins


Step 3:

Start the strobing from the nape of the neck working towards the crown area.Where the hair is naturally lighter use the lighter shade and where naturally darker use the darker shade. For a heavy strobing effect use the sponge and for a softer effect use the angled brush.Leave some hair out for a more natural effect.


Step 4:

Comb the front sections of the hair in the natural hair direction. Continue alternating between sponge and angled brush depending on the desired effect. Processing time: 20-30 minutes