Meet our #indolaselected squad! They spend 2021 getting immersed in the INDOLA world while putting their spin on the latest Social Media #hairtrends. Stunning blonde looks, colourful pastels and helpful #SmartTips are just a few things to look forward to. Make sure to follow @shefeldenis, @abigail_jarrold, @sita_zoroa and @urbanstudio_kumurov on Instagram for the squad’s latest news and ed(you)cation updates. You will also see some exclusive content on Instagram via @indola!

Latest event

January 2022

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Blonde Marathon - January 2022 ​

#indolaselected is back with its influencer squad providing authentic & real time inspiration that your clients will love. We kick off this year with two new additional members, Abbey and Mile, creating together with our Blonde expert Denis and creative colour talent Sita from different locations in the UK, Spain, Greece and Russia the blonde must-have looks for this Summer. The event focused on our NEW holistic Blonde Expert Color + Care range that will make you become the #AbsoluteBlondeExpert. Denis, Abbey, Mile and Sita achieved fantastic results using them on their models and we can’t wait for you to try them on your clients and share your results with us on social media. ​

September 2021

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Commercial Services - September 2021 

Commercial Services - September 2021  Our #indolaselected influencer squad gathered in September but this time from different locations in the UK, Spain and Russia to bring us the most vibrant and creative Autumn looks that your clients will love. The event focused on showcasing quick and commercial looks for in-salon services, and there is nothing better than our Indola Color Style Mousse to immediately transform both hair colour and style. To spice up Autumn, the team used our Permanent Caring Color range to create edgy and creative hair colours to inspire you. Lynndy, Denis and Sita achieved fantastic results using Indola CSM and the PCC range on their models and we can’t wait for you to try them on your clients and share your results with us on social media.

May 2021

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Cotton Candy - May 2021

Our #indolaselected squad met both in Hamburg and Moscow, providing authentic & real time inspiration. This time we used #colorblaster and our NEW Indola Care & Style to create and share unique content - demonstrating the latest techniques and stunning results we can achieve using Indola products. Summertime means colours and we want to use the full potential of #colorblaster to respond to our customers' desire for a colourful and creative look. This was complemented with stunning styles using the new Indola Care & Style range. We allocated Sita the role of the ‘Creative Colour Expert’ which was the focus of this event!

February 2021

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Blonde Marathon - February 2021

#indolaselected is back with its influencer squad providing authentic & real time inspiration! We kicked off this year’s program with an online digital event in order to get together and create content even during Covid times. With the Blonde Marathon we reacted to the emerging blonde colour trends and techniques. We allocated Denis the role of the “Blonde Expert” which was the focus of this event. Don’t miss out! Check our social media content from the event! We also kicked off the UGC campaign with content created directly by our squad members to encourage you – our community to create your blonde look and become a #BlondeExpert.

February 2020

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Latest Event

One word that defined this event was FUN. Some of the exciting activities prepared for the international influencer team included: a one-on-one learning session between our brand ambassador Andy Smith and Irene, a special guided tour of our Research & Development department, and the icing on the cake was their own interpretation of our stunning Street Style Collection Spring and Summer looks followed by a street style shoot at Drilling, Hamburg. Lynndy and Sita created their reimagining of Stand Out Camo using our blockbuster technique colourblocking, while Denis showed off his colourmelting skills with a beautiful blend for the Cut That Out look.


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The Squad



Talented colourist, salon owner and Indola local ambassador, and ed(you)cator from Moscow. Russian Denis Shefel joins the #indolaselected squad for the second year in a row and will provide us with stunning colour results which he also proudly shares on his Instagram page.



Abbey Jarrold is a professional hairdresser from Surrey, UK. Abbey’s career began at a salon in Guildford before she moved to one in Chelsea where she completed her training and apprenticeship. Abbey has travelled the world with Indola assisting Global Ambassador Andy Smith on many shoots, fashion shows and global campaigns. Abbey is now the UK Ambassador for Indola and has recently become an #indolaselected member. Abbey has just finished designing her own salon/studio where she works on a freelance basis.



With 20 years of hairdressing experience behind her, Irene has participated in a multitude of projects, from cinema, TV and editorials, to fashion catwalks and technical training. On top of this, she is an expert colourist with a fabulous presence on Instagram, where she shows her creations and expertise.



Mile has been in the hairdressing business 17 years. He started developing his considerable skills in London and then continued around the world picking up experience as an international hairdresser on the way. Now after owning his own salon for the last 10 years, he has gradually shifted his passion towards education. Mile is an Indola regional ambassador and part of the EECA team. This position allows him to share his knowledge while attending many shows, seminars and photo shoots.