Brand Value



At Indola, we are proud to be a professional hair brand inspired by real life and real people. We focus on all the relevant things you need as hairdresser, nothing more: Delivering the highest standards, making the complex simple at an affordable price.



Relevant content that reflects the everyday needs of our hairdressers, including: inspirational, easy to recreate, seasonal blockbuster cut and colour techniques. Also, a continuous monthly online education based on salon friendly techniques and top tips, offline & online cut, colour & styling seminars and also health & safety, business, motivational & digital upskilling trainings.


Street Style Looks

Discover with our collections some real-life hair inspirations from the streets of the world and new commercial services opportunities featuring our latest blockbuster colour techniques, that will make you stand out and be the place to go!


Highly Performing – Concise Portfolio

Discover our unrivalled colour and effortless care & styling assortment for all your service needs. From a one-stop solution for permanent and demi-permanent colour services to fast processing permanent colourations for quicker colour services. Also, a holistic blonde offer catering to all in-salon blonde needs, a sustainable, vegan, high- performing care & styling offer and essentials care & styling assortment.


Business Support

Smart offline & online packages, ranging from business tips to seasonal promotional campaigns to help you boost your business by attracting new clientele, maintaining client loyalty, increasing spend per client and maximising the value of each salon touchpoint.