About us




We’re Indola, a German professional hair brand that thinks #SimplySmarter.

We’re on a mission to empower you: 

We provide you with great quality products and services at an affordable price, while our Street Style Collection gives you access to the latest ready to wear looks from around the world combined with essentials skills at your doorstep. 

We strive to deliver the highest standard, while making the complex simple.


Street Style looks

We love discovery and seek real-life inspiration in the streets of the world. Working closely with our globe-trotting fashion and hair Style Crew to scout and capture the latest hair colour vibes and techniques from around the globe, styling them up into zero- fuss, ready-to-wear hair looks that celebrate the people that wear them.



We believe in learning by doing, and strive to create relevant digital content that reflects the everyday needs of our hairdressers. Packaging the latest trends and techniques into bite-sized, shareable video tutorials that inform, inspire and delight. – Blockbuster techniques – Online development programme – Seminar package


High Performance

Everything we create is informed by the needs of the independent hairdresserand we know colour performance scores highest on their wish list. This is why we’ve focused on leading our segment with an unrivalled colour offer that out-performs the competition. Our care and styling lines have been meticulously engineered to deliver colour shine and virgin-like hair quality. – Unrivalled colour performance – Long-lasting colour retention – High vibrancy and shine – Unique color transformer – Effortless care and styling