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Get the look

Our Indola hairdressers show you how to create hot new looks with super smart products and techniques tips. From cool colour tutorials to snappy care and styling videos, getting the look has never been simpler.


#dimensionalbrunette Cut

Create movement

Begin by splitting the hair into a hot cross bun section

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#dimensionalbrunette Colour

Autumn colours with a twist

Create a fresh interpretation of traditional autumnal hues

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#theblowout Styling

Going straight

The hair is blown straight to give the lines and layers of the hair cut a different perspective.

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#colourblocking Cut

Short cuts

Begin by taking an offset diamond section around the parting

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#colourblocking Colour

Contrasting shades

Create impact by utilising high contrast shades to create an edgy, stand out result.

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#texturedhair Styling

It's about layers

This look is all about texture achieved by layering product

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Violet Hair Colour

Seamless laminated belnding of tones

This is a two phase process. The first phase ia about laying down the foundation for the finished hair and in the second phase use #colorblaster.

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Violet Hair Cut

Clean, sleek look

Keep long hair beautiful with the invisbale layering technique for added movement

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Blown Out Wave Styling

Fluidity with a luxe feel

Use the SETTING Volume & Blow-dry Spray to create the perfect quality in the hair on which to work, by layering in while blow-drying.

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Freehand Painting Colour

Adding small details

This technique will give a totally personalised look. The focus on the front really brings it back to the individual, who’s face it being framed.

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Freehand Painting Cut

Framing the face

Begin by spilting the hair into 3 sections.With the front section the first inch of hairline tapering down to in front of the ear will form the main face framing focal point.

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Side Part Styling

Variation styling to a bob haircut

Add movement and texture to your bob with this slick side part look

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It's all about clean lift

Create the perfect true lift to give each look more attitude and a genderless read.

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The perfect strong yet wearable look

Created by working with undercuts soft edges and heavy overhangs.

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Get the Wet Hair Look

Damped; this should come across as effortless without skimping on attitude.

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Create an organic/lived in colour effect

Woven highlighting and copper tones reflect the light and landscape.

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Create a super soft undone haircut

Use invisible internal layering to create a soft movement and tousled affect.

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Lived in Knots

Get Knotted is all about using the hands to create a soft visually pleasing shape with loose twists to the hair.

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How-to-Dry tailored for her

Dry tailored for her

Focus on the tailored cut with a polished, matt finish

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How-to-Cut internal layers

Cut internal Layers

With a long broken fringe

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How-to-Tight high shine

Tight High Shine

For a tight, smooth finish with silky high shine

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How-to-Textured side-parting

Textured-side Parting

Show off the teardrop front with volume and a textured parting

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Folded Texture

Give it an edge with an easy folded texture

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Glazed Bob

Add a high glaze finish

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Damped Texture

Add damped texture for a grittier feel.

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How-to-Grit finish

Grit Finish

Add tousled texture for a grittier feel.

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How-to-Dry Tailored for him

Dry tailored for him

Focus on the tailored cut with a polished, matt finish

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Metallic Blonde

With shading roots

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Twisted Braids

Add a laidback feel

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Accentuate a short cut with colour

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Go shorter

With disconnected edges

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How-to-Lived-in Texture

Lived-in Texture

Easy movement with lived-in texture

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Barber Cut

1.5 fade into a short cropped fringe

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Create the softest diffusion of pastels

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Glam Strobing

Add vibrancy for a natural glam look

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Urban Lob

Evolution of a classic bob

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Graphic Bob

With tear drop fringe

The dos and don’ts to achieve the perfect result.

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